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TechVision., Jsc


Diversity in products and solutions

“Your vision, our solution and technology.”

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Quality and reliable services

“Services are high-quality assurance, competitive price”

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Professional team

“Expert team has deep experiences in many fields”

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Product & Solution

TechVision offers a wide range of products, technology solutions and advanced open architecture platforms for State agencies and enterprises, and in the field of Telecommunications, Finance, Health.

Internet Portal

A powerful platform with many advanced features and technologies for the development of electronic portals and websites for agencies and organizations to provide and disseminate information and online transactions on the environment. Internet.

Collaboration Portal

Providing products and solutions for the development of internal information portals, collaboration gateways, internal management, … of agencies, organizations and enterprises within Intranet.

Smart One-stop

One-stop-shop is a software used to computerize transactions between organizations, citizens and state administrative agencies under the “one-stop-shop” mechanism.

Online Public Service

Develop, deploy and integrate online processes, procedures and forms, online business processes, and so on.

Smart Office

Solutions for building a smart working environment, connecting, exchanging information, operating the management between the management and staff in the unit, between units and units in the same organization.

E-commerce Website

A powerful and professional e-commerce solution that helps businesses sell, promote products, brands, sales and marketing on the Internet.

Website on demand

Web design on demand with beautiful interface, unique, creative. The system is full website, application is high and suitable for each business.

Smart Platform – application integration

The SmartPlatform application integration and development platform is built on the SOA architecture and the ESB Integration Services core makes it possible to build applications in a consistent, interoperable architecture.

Our Services

About TechVision

TechVision is an IT company specializing in software products and solutions for government agencies and businesses. In addition, we carry out outsourcing projects for domestic and foreign partners.

We are constantly developing and improving our products, solutions as well as online services, and high quality ecommerce at competitive prices in the market.

Mission, vision

TechVision has pioneered the application of advanced technology to create the best products and services, bringing the maximum benefits to customers. TechVision's goal is to become a leading provider of IT software and services in the areas of:

  • E-government
  • E-business
  • Software outsourcing

10 years of experience

With nearly 10 years of experience in advising and deploying solutions and products for clients in various fields, especially government agencies, banks and e-commerce businesses, TechVision is always aware that:

  • Reliable and professional service
  • Quality first
  • Competitive price

See Video Demo

You can find out more about our products through the demo video. These videos will show you the key features of each product.